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2019 Conference Registration

Each program should complete the general registration form for all staff and students attending.  Payment is accepted via credit card at time of registration or via check upon invoice.

Early Bird Deadline – August 15th
Regular Registration Deadline – September 6th

Program Staff and/or Director may register the number of conference attendees (including staff) by completing the Program Registration. This step is primarily for billing purposes. Once on the Eventbrite site, if prompted, please select Individual (NOT Group) registration. You will need the following information for each registrant:

  1. First  Name
  2. Last Name
  3. E-mail address
  4. For students/staff attending a graduate school visit, you will need to select which institution (UMBC, UMD or Johns Hopkins)
  5. For student presenting, you will need to know whether they will be presenting their research as a poster or oral presentation.  Please only select one method of presentation.
  6. Dietary Restrictions
  7. Accommodations required due to a disability
  8. T-shirt size

Supplemental registration forms will be sent to each student attending a graduate school visit (to capture information requested by the graduate schools), and to those presenting (to obtain their abstract and other information).

Please see Conference Accommodations for details on airports, hotel, and transportation.