Need-Based Scholarships for 2021 Conference

2021 29th Annual McNair Research Conference
Request Letter for Need Based Scholarship – Assignment Point

We understand that there may be financial barriers that may not allow some scholars to attend our conference. Therefore, we are providing an opportunity for a very limited number to receive Need-Based Scholarships that will cover the cost of attending the conference. We are only able to offer this to attendees only, not presenters. We provide this opportunity because we know the value of networking and the impact of connecting with the McNair family while reaching one’s goals.

  1. Scholars must be nominated and supported by a university official. 
  2. Scholars must commit to sending the committee a writeup of their experience after the conference. They will receive details on this once the scholarship is awarded.

Directors: Click here to apply. (The form can only be submitted by the McNair Director/Staff/University Offical. Deadline: August 24th, 12noon