Mentors in McNair Training

Mentor in McNair Training

The UMBC McNair Scholars Program created a two-part mentor training to assist our mentors with enhancing their support for our scholars. All training options listed below should be completed within the first year of mentoring and the training certificates are valid by McNair through Summer 2027.

Part 1

Each mentor should first complete the UMBC First Gen Advocate Training[LINK]. This should be completed by July 1st (for those who will start mentoring this semester). For mentors who have been with the program, please complete this by July 1st as well.

Part 2

Once the UMBC First-Gen Advocate Training has been completed, mentors should complete the McNair Mentor Training course via Blackboard. The purpose of this training is to provide foundational information to all of our mentors and community of supporters for the UMBC McNair Scholars Program. More specifically, the professional staff want to provide important information about program expectations for mentors and students as well as what it means to be a part of the McNair community as we strive to create the best experience for lowincome, firstgeneration, and underrepresented minority students who are seeking a graduate education.


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the structures, demands, and recourse of:
    • The UMBC McNair Program
    • Graduate school preparation process
    • Academic progress at UMBC
  2. Examine psychological impacts on first-gen, low-income, and underserved and underrepresented racial groups
  3. Recognize the various forms of support available to students in the UMBC McNair Program
  4. Identify the best practices for communication to foster meaningful relationships
  5. Identify McNair’s Community values and responsibilities


To enroll in the course, mentors and community of supporter members should complete the Ready To Serve Form [LINK]. The form asks that you have completed the Community of Supporters Form[LINK] as of December 2020. We will use information from the Community of Supporters Form to add individuals to our Blackboard Course. Participants are not able to self-enroll. Therefore, the only way is to complete these forms to be manually added by our Blackboard Rep. If you have any questions or issues signing up for the course, please email
Thank you for your interest in supporting our program and scholars!