UMBC McNair Scholars Program Scholar Research Institute 

We are excited to open the application process for the UMBC McNair Scholar Research Institute (Spring 2022). Please see the details below.  All McNair Scholars are welcome to apply. If you are not a Scholar In Good Standing, you may still apply, as we will take into account your engagement and progress made this semester. Pre-McNair Students may apply with the understanding that their application will be pending until their full acceptance into the program.
This year (2022) we are hoping to fund as many eligible scholars since we have unused participant funds due to the COVID19 limitations on travel. You will also be able to apply for summer research support as well. Therefore, we encourage all to pay attention to deadlines (which have already been added to your individual Google calendars).
In addition to meeting the standards of your disciple, the proposal must also:
  • Address COVID-19 considerations (as you will not be able to be as mobile as past semesters);
  • Any additional cost that should be considered; and,
  • Must show the ability to be able to complete the research during the spring semester.
  • Be approved and supported by your Faculty Research Mentor. You need to have shared with them your proposal as it may be posted online with their name listed as your mentor.

If you have any further questions not answered below, please reach out to the McNair Professional Staff or our Teaching Fellow.

General McNair Requirement

  • REM 30 members are not required to apply for SRI; however, they are required to submit a satisfactory proposal to AFST495 that is supported by their Faculty Research Mentor. Their Faculty Research Mentor should either approve the proposal to be submitted to SRI or give the scholar feedback as to what needs to be done to make the proposal worthy of assessment for future SRI or UR Award submission. Either way, the scholar’s proposal and presentation must receive an average grade of B or better from the AFST495 faculty.
  • For 2022 ONLY – All Scholars: May apply for both SRI and REU Supplemental Support within the same year.  Scholars are allowed to have other non-McNair financial assistance in addition to SRI and/or REU Supplemental Support.
  • Graduating Seniors:  May not apply for both SRI and travel support.


To qualify for SRI, it is expected that the scholar has:

  • Classification of being a Scholar in Good Standing by the start of SRI
  • Successfully completed McNair 101, 102, 103 (AFST 495) with a B or higher
  • McNair 101 (Orientation & Bridge Weekend, spring of semester accepted into the program)
  • McNair 102 (Blackboard 0 credit course – taken first summer within the program)
  • McNair 103 (AFST 495- taken fall semester of first year within the program)
  • Developed a research proposal that has been reviewed by and will be supported by your Faculty Research Mentor prior to submission.
  • Spring Applicants: Have prepared list and will submit as part of SRI at least 5 REU experiences for the upcoming summer

If accepted into SRI, Fellow agrees to:

  • Register for a  PRAC 096 Research Practicum via the Career Center (McNair will handle registration unless scholar is seeking to do for credits, then they must reach out to Career Center directly)
    • They may also register for two to three credit independent studies in addition to the practicum (as determined by the fellow’s Faculty Research Mentor).
  • Engage in research and research-related activities for approximately 10 hours per week during academic semesters which includes research, attending all McNair Saturday Academy Sessions, bi-weekly scheduled SRI Group Meetings/Individual Check-Ins with McNair staff, all McNair Presentations Days (that will be held on Mondays during the free hour), and regularly scheduled meetings with the fellow’s Faculty Research Mentor (as determined by you and your mentor).
  • Fellows are required to keep Wednesdays 12 -1 pm open for all McNair events and SRI meetings, no exceptions. or Fridays at 2 pm depending on the University’s free-hour policy.
  • Fellow may only work a total of 15 additional hours at any other job(s), on or off-campus. Keep in mind that SRI Fellows are considered leaders within McNair.
  • The completion of a research paper that is given a passing grade by the Fellow’s Faculty Research Mentor (P if Pass/Fail, B or higher if given a letter grade), and that is eligible for publication within their discipline or the UMBC Review.
  • The completion of a conference presentation for the work done during SRI (URCAD registration and presentation required if doing Spring SRI, and SURF if applying for summer)
  • The completion of a reflection paper and video to be graded by the McNair Staff (must receive a B or higher, details to be sent with acceptance)


Spring: up to $1500 { one-third per month (by 1st of March, and end of April), final third when final assignments including 5 REU applications, are submitted}.

Summer (either as SRI or REU Supplemental Award) – up to $5000  (must have applied to at least 5 REU experiences outside of UMBC McNair)


Process Summary (see details below)

  • Email Research Faculty Mentor & McNair Office


  • Before Dec 1st, 2021, 12noon: Scholar must email their mentor letting them know that the scholar is interested in applying for SRI. Must send box link of the proposal to their mentors and the link to the form the mentors must complete letting them know of deadlines. Scholar must cc the McNair program,


  • Do not submit an application if you are not sure if your mentor will approve of your proposal! Also, follow all instructions exactly or you will be disqualified and will have to reapply at a later time.


    • Use file nomenclature: LastName-FirstName-SpringSRI2021Proposal
    • The title page must include box link for the proposal. If you edit the document after the deadline or if it is different than the proposal you emailed, you will be disqualified. This will be the same link your Faculty Research Mentor and the McNair staff are evaluating.



  • By January 2, 2022:  Decisions sent out from the McNair Office.


  • January 9th 2022, 12noon: Scholars must complete the Acceptance Form.