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Program Requirements

REM 26 UMBC Scholar, Brian Hanson Jr. presents his research

All UMBC McNair Scholars are required to commit in writing to all program requirements and expectations. Some of the requirements and expectations include:

  • Participation in the UMBC McNair Summer Research Institute or a summer research program at other institutions
  • Engage in research or scholarly activities supported by their Faculty Research Mentors
  • Write a research proposal and conduct research that will be presented at a national conference and the UMBC McNair Research Conference
  • Attendance at weekly and/or bi-weekly McNair seminars/workshops
  • Preparation for the GRE general examination
  • Completion of PhD degree within ten (10) years of attaining a bachelor’s degree
  • Register for the fall and spring McNair designated course for Research Methods
  • Meet all other program requirements as outlined in scholar contract