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Professional Staff


The Project Director is responsible for day to day operations of the UMBC McNair Scholars Program.  Their purview includes academic advising, the recruitment and selection process, alumni engagement, program/activity planning and conceptualization of large-scale projects to assist participants in meeting their goals.  Among these activities is also the development of the program’s annual calendar of events.

The Project Coordinator works to provide academic advising to the scholars to help them achieve their goal of doctoral completion.  Through interaction with the campus community, they also assist with the recruitment of future McNair Scholars.

The Administrative Assistant is shared across the programs housed in the Office of Academic Opportunity Programs.  The primary responsibilities to the McNair program are assisting the director with financial recordkeeping, scheduling and serving as the liaison for student travel arrangments.

Program Director of Academic Activities & Project Director

The Director is responsible for grant management, fiscal oversight, and professional staff development. Among their duties are final approval of all requests for expenditures including student travel. In relation to management and oversight, the Director is also responsible for the submission of all federal and institutional reports. At the institutional level, the Director’s involvement with campus-wide committees keeps the campus community informed of program outcomes.