2023 Presentation Guidelines

If you are presenting your research at the conference, as part of the Attendees Profile Form, we will capture information about your research. The form will be due on August 1st, 5 pm (EST). 

Click here for Abstract & Presentation Guidelines

NOTE: After registration,  attendees should complete the Student Attendee Profile Form which collects the necessary information. This form (which will also include Abstract & Poster submission) will be due August 1st, 5 pm EST for publication purposes.



We are extremely excited to offer a virtual badge (in lieu of a certificate) to all those who successfully present their research and complete the necessary documentation for the 30th Annual UMBC McNair Scholars Research Conference.   

Click here to learn more about digital badges [LINK]. Badges can be uploaded to digital portfolios and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and they can even be added to email signatures! 

Here is the badge  for this year’s conference [LINK] as a reference.  The badge is only for presenters. However, all student attendees may still complete the forms so you can have a moment of self-reflection and accountability. You will receive a copy of your responses.  

 Three steps you must accomplish this year to receive the badge:   

  1. Complete the Pre-Attendance Prep Form [LINK], by Saturday, September 16th, 8 am EST 
  2. Present your research live at the conference on Saturday  
  3. Complete the Post-Conference Self Evaluation Form [LINK] by Saturday, September 30th, 8 am EST.  

Note: All UMBC McNair Scholars must complete both self-evaluations whether presenting or not.  


Once all documentation is complete and verified, the presenters will receive an email that gives details on how to redeem the badge.  Our plan is to have everything verified by October 15th. Please email us at mcnairs@umbc.edu If you have questions.