Blake Hipsley

Major: Physics and Mathematics

Research Interest(s):

My research interests include developing electro-optic materials for use in photonic devices, mainly in Terahertz applications. Currently, I am working in Dr. L. Michael Hayden’s lab at UMBC producing polymer films to be used as detectors of the terahertz frequency.

Other Relevant Information:

Members of UMBC Men’s Club Lacrosse and UMBC Men’s Club Ultimate Frisbee

What does being a UMBC McNair scholar mean to you?:

Being a UMBC McNair Scholar allows me to continue on the legacy left behind by Ronald E. McNair. I plan to follow in McNair’s footsteps in earning a PhD. in Physics, while overcoming the obstacles met from being from low-income and a first-generation college student. Being apart of this program has given me a support network of those forging their own path and legacies that are unprecedented in their families. Most of all, being a McNair Scholar means I can achieve something that which for many individuals is not available, and I hope that through my hard work and dedication can become an example for others to follow.

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