Dildora Salimjonova

A three quarter portrait of DildoraMajor: Financial Economics
Research Interest: The effects of international trade on global nations as well as small countries AND the impact of lingual technology development on minority languages.
Other Relevant Information:UMBC Honors College, MSA Board

What does being a UMBC McNair scholar mean to you? To me, being a McNair Scholar means being surrounded by many hardworking people with common interests and goals. It means helping each other to meet those goals, whether they contribute directly to PhD’s or even personal enrichment. It also means having not only a network of professional scholars but also a family that continuously supports each of its members, as they support each other, to be the best versions of their individual selves.

Find out more about Dildora: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dildora-salimjonova-23455b185/